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Thrombophlebitis is swelling inflammation of a vein. A Thrombophlebitis Definition clot thrombus in the Thrombophlebitis Definition can cause this swelling.

Thrombophlebitis Thrombophlebitis Definition affect deeper, larger veins or veins near skin surface. Most of the time, it occurs in the pelvis and legs. Blood clots may form when something slows or changes the flow of blood in the veins. The health care provider can usually diagnose the condition based on how the affected area looks.

Your provider will frequently check your vital signs. Support stockings and wraps can help to Thrombophlebitis Definition discomfort. Your provider may prescribe medicines such as:. Routine changing of Thrombophlebitis Definition IV lines helps to prevent thrombophlebitis related to IVs. Goldman L, Schafer AI, eds. A pacemaker catheter that has been passed through the vein in the groin Bed rest or sitting in one position Thrombophlebitis Definition too long such as plane travel Family history of blood clots Fractures in the pelvis or legs Giving birth within the last 6 months Pregnancy Obesity Recent surgery most commonly hip, knee, or female pelvic surgery Too many blood cells being made by the bone marrow, causing the blood to be thicker than normal polycythemia vera Having an indwelling long-term catheter in a blood vessel Blood is Thrombophlebitis Definition likely to clot in someone who has certain problems or disorders, such as: Cancer Certain autoimmune disorders, such as lupus Cigarette smoking Conditions that make it more likely to develop blood clots Taking estrogens or birth control pills this risk is even higher with smoking.

The Krampf Propolis verwendet in symptoms are often associated with thrombophlebitis: Swelling in the part of the body affected Pain in the part of the body affected Skin redness not always present Warmth and tenderness over the vein.

If the cause cannot be easily identified, 1 or more of the following tests may be done: Blood coagulation studies Doppler ultrasound Venography. Your provider may prescribe medicines such as: Painkillers Blood thinners to prevent new clots from forming, most often only prescribed when deep veins are involved Medicines such as ibuprofen to reduce pain and swelling Medicines injected Thrombophlebitis Definition the vein to dissolve an existing clot You may be told to do the following: Keep pressure off the area to reduce pain and decrease the risk of further damage.

Raise the affected area to reduce swelling. Rare treatment options are: Surgical removal of a vein near the Thrombophlebitis Definition Vein stripping Bypass of the vein. Prompt treatment can treat thrombophlebitis and its other forms.

Complications of thrombosis include: Blood clot in the lungs pulmonary embolism Chronic pain Swelling in the leg. When to Contact a Thrombophlebitis Definition Professional. Call your provider if you have symptoms of thrombophlebitis.

Call your provider right away if: Your symptoms do not improve with treatment. Your symptoms get worse. New symptoms occur such as an entire limb becoming palecold, or swollen. If you are taking Thrombophlebitis Definition long car or plane trip: Walk or stretch your legs once in a while Drink plenty of liquids Wear support hose If you are hospitalized, your provider may prescribe medicine to prevent thrombophlebitis.

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